Monday, February 21, 2011

Author's Rights Restored!

Three years ago I contracted with a local publisher for editing and publication of my inspirational novel, "Beneath the Surface". Two years later after a mediation conference with a dispute resolution team, I finally received a galley.
The galley contained numerous errors which I edited and corrected, and returned for final printing. Later I received "marketable" copies which I sent for review. An editor allerted me to an excessive number of errors in the final copy and offered to edit for spelling, puntuation and composition.

WHAT AN EMBARRASMENT! She found errors on 124 pages out of 202 in a book that was on the market!

Fortunately the publisher had not followed up with the promotions as contracted. The poor quality books were not on the shelves.

A second mediation meeting, and I have regained all rights to my work. I have arranged to have "Beneath the Surface" pulled from Amazon and other sources.

Beneath the Surface will be republished by a reputable publishing company ASAP. If you have copy, you may contact me by email for a replacement.

I am scheduled to sign at three Costcos in Houston in March. Information will follow.

Write ON!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Weather or not?

I'm sorry to report that Sam's club has canciled my book signing for next Saturday.
Whether or not the weather was part of the picture, I don't know.
Strange weather for Southeast Texas!

My publisher is making arrangements for signings at Houston Costco stores.
Stay tuned for date and locations!