Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get Motivated!

I was fortunate to attend a "Get Motivated" conference here in Beaumont with several well known high achievers as speakers. I was especially excited to hear Sarah Palin speak. She is such a great women's role model. Mother, activist and an especially strong Christian.
Sarah gave her father's presecription for dealing with disappointments and dicsouragement; "You don't retreat. You just reload." Texans enthusiasticly agreed!

She shared an incident when her son encouraged her to run, by leaving water bottles and little notes for her. At mile one the note read, "Go mom." At mile two the note read, "Keep on." At mile five it read, "For an old lady you're doing great!"
I refuse to be an "ol' lady" so on Saturday, I packed up my tent, table and case of books to be a vender at Art in The Park in Orange.

Sales were good. I was especially pleased to sell copies of "Loon's Necklace" to Alaskan travelers who had fallen in love with the loons as I had.

Surprisingly "Journal" was the best seller. There are a large number of historians who appreciate first hand views of the Civil War.

I met several readers who had read "Grandma's on the Go" and wanted the sequel, "Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip."

I'm always delighted to meet fellow travelers to Alaska. Most have taken tours or cruises. A few other brave souls have driven the AlCan. We enjoy sharing experiences and and reminiscing. "Venture in Faith" is a novel that is set in Alaska and has been a good seller.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
I will be speaking to parents who are required to take parenting classes by the Children's Protective Services. I will share Darrell's story with them and help them to understand the devistation of Shaken Baby Syndrome. With education and parenting skills, hopefully children's lives can be saved.

Darrell remains the same.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Darrell Update

The last couple of weeks I've made several trips to the hospital in Houston to care for Darrell.
Since fighting pneumonia and being hospitalized three times, he was given a gastric feeding tube. His lungs are weak and he has a tendency to aspirate food particles.
Darrell recently pulled the feeding tube out for the second time. This required surgery, again, to replace it. His weight has gone from 120 pounds to 85 pounds.
The ER and nursing staff as well as his doctors have gotten to know him, his limitations and his behavior. Unless restrained, Darrell will pull out the IV and other tubes, grab and pinch someone and will bite. He also has an unusual range of motion and will kick anyone who is "messing" with him.
On the bright side, Darrell responds to voices by turning his head and says "Hi".
Darrell's physical and mental limitations are all due to Shaken Baby Syndrome.
Please spread the word, DON'T SHAKE THE BABY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Loon has Landed

My first illustrated children's book, "Loon's Necklace" has been released by Publications Cunsultants in Anchorage.
This fable about friendship and gratitude is my response to the mysterious and haunting calls of the loons I first incountered at the LaVerne Griffin Youth Camp in Wasilla, Alaska in 1902.
Written for the young reader or to be read aloud, "Loon's Necklace" includes a section devoted to facts about the birds introduced in the story.
The book is dedicated to my grandkids, Devin and Chelsea, who volunteer at a bird rehabilitation center in Florida and to Chris, Ryan and Kyle, grandsons who have accompanied me to Alaska.
I have several book signings secheduled for spring beginning with Art in the Park, Orange, Texas, March 27. All of my books will be available.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New blog

I'm sending this test blog to everyone who received the old ones.
Please let me know if you received it
Thanks, Carol