Saturday, October 19, 2013

"C" Crafts"

          I'm pleased to have a wonderful relationship with the librarians at our local library. Not only are they helpful when I ask crazy questions or try to find weird material, but they encouraged me to share my latest book, "Dare to Dabble" with library patrons.


         Crafters brought samples of their work to show and share. We agreed that creative people are involved in many different areas of interest and love the challenge of trying out new ideas, techniques and materials.
         Creativity isn't a hobby. It's a lifestyle, a passion. Creative people aren't happy unless they are doing something. We want to learn something about everything.
         Creating handcrafts, the making of useful and decorative objects, is a way of  providing for our own needs by our own hands and provides satisfaction and joy in the doing.
         These ladies are looking over some of the crafts items that were shared at the library. Crochet, stitchery, jewelry making, hand made greeting cards and book binding were some of the projects enjoyed by all.

         Here is an impressive variety of novelty greeting cards. Scrapbooking has made a comeback from the photo albums filled with black pages and photos inserted into black corner stickers.
       This jeweler is showing an ivory necklace. She is standing behind my book display fronted by my quilted skirt. To her right is a display of some of the many crafts books found in the library.

        Crafting provides a sense of accomplishment. In addition, research is showing that the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's is delayed by keeping the brain active by new learning.

        Be proud you are a creative thinker, a crafter or writer, even if you don't finish everything you start. You're attracted to a project that challenges you and are finished when you've reached that
 "ah ha" moment.

Challenge: Try your hand at a craft you have not made before of combine two or more of your favorite crafts into something original.
Writers, photograph and take notes as you create a project with the goal of writing a "how-to" article.

Websites: artsandcrafts.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"C" Children

Children, yours or children belonging to others, and perhaps grandchildren of all ages (both stinkers and adorable) have been a part of your life. Your own child hood memories are open for stories.
 Kids are such excellent topics for stories. Capture embarrassing, silly, memorable moments as they hap  happen. Be a reporter interview the kids. These little divas are enjoying a diva-spa birthday party. Look closely at the different expressions and personalities. Don't you wish you knew what they were thinking?

Two of my grandsons flank my oldest daughter. How they've changed and grown up. When writing about children, don't limit yourself to youngsters.
Review old photos for a nudge to start a list of family adventures.

As a retired teacher, I have years of interaction with children of all ages for stories. I like to photograph children. These two darlings are my grand daughters. When you photograph unrelated children, be sure to ask parents permission and if you think you might publish the photo you will need a model's release signed by the parent.

Crafters be very aware of the trends and favorites of children. So many new TV shows have spun off toys, clothing and related items that I have to ask the kids what's "hot" today.

Challenge: How are children influencing the market? Do you like or dislike what you see for children? What is the appeal?
Writers use one of the above photos for a story starter.
Crafters design a toy or logo (for a t-shirt) from a children's story book. Design a child's quilt.


Next Saturday I'm hosting a book signing for "Dare to Dabble" at the local library. We are encouraging crafters to show and share examples of their crafts as we discuss creativity.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"B" Birthday

I interrupt my Dabbling Blog for a Special Announcement!!
October 2, 2013 was my mother's 95th Birthday.
Saturday, October 5, we celebrated with 45+ relatives from the far corners of Texas and Louisiana crammed into her home for lunch.
After the meet and greet we were joined by friends at West End Baptist Church for the main celebration with cake and lots of visiting.

As hostess and server I was not able to take many pictures. Here my mom's youngest sister is crowning her with a tiara.

I wish to thank all of you for flowers, cards and your friendship. And for making this a wonderful, memorable day for Mother.