Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interplanitary Race Relations

I don't ususally read about aliens, but this book, "Freedom Race", by Colleen Wait was different.

While tensions and issues of Earth prejudices (race, religion and culture) are being challenged and overcome by humans who believe that all people are created equal, and have basic freedoms, aliens descend to impose their theory of society divided not by race, but by color. The alien leaders have eliminated all religion, and accept no higher power, instead all needs and answers to society's problems are resolved by government leaders who rule with an iron hand.

Are we seeing something like this today? No true equality, no freedom, no individual rights, only government rule. Is the only reace, the human race, headed for extinction?

This book will challenge your thinking.

It may be found at

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

After the Storm

How many of you readers experienced the aftermath of a hurricane? A tornado? Have you ever tried to live without electricity: lights, TV, wifi, phones, computers? Does drinking water come out of your tap?You've probably never consideredbasic survival. Sactuary, will make you think.

Opps. I don't have a photo of the cover.

Those of us who have experienced the horrors of devistating hurricanes can relate to Claire in Sanctuary by Colleen Wait. Claire leaves a bomb shelter or storm celler to discover a decimated world devoid of humans, animals, and plants. Mountains of debris are all that remain of cities., no elctricity, running water, shelter, food or clothing, so similar to the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado. The wicked world has been distroyed; for what purpose does Claire remain?
Sanctuary is a story of survival, of learning to care for basic needs and the determination to make a new civilization under God that doesn't repeat the political and immoral past.

As I prepare and train through Diaster Relief for the eventual hurricane or other diasters, I found Sanctuary challenged my thinking.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On a Mission

My calling to volunteer missions in Alaska was twarted this summer by injury and surgery. Recently an opportunity for training in a different ministry became available, so I jumped at it. Diaster Relief training, held in Orange and Houston, gave Nick, Monique and I the training to be ready to assist in the event of a hurricane or other diaster. We are now prepared to volunteer as part of the Diaster Relief team where ever the Lord leads us. We pray that there will be no future hurricanes or diasters, but we are ready to serve.

Here is another book review.

A heart for helping people leads Holly to discover her life's mission. Mount Mission by Colleen Wait follows Holly's journey of self discovery, her struggles with doubt, and her eventual commitment to the mission God has prepared her for. A thought provoking story that will challenge the reader to develop a personal mission or ministry to aid others.

This book has encouraged me to continue planning and preparation for the ministry that I feel the Lord has called me to.

Mount Mission may be found at


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Survival or Spoiled

Highs in the mid ninties with the heat index over 100 degrees and the air conditioner in my car quit on Saturday evening when repair shops werea closed. Here in South East Texas A/C is not a luxuray. Heat can kill,make you ill or at lest make you irritable.

Tent camping with the Boy Scouts in West Texas in July, I survived the oppressive heat, so maybe I'm just spoiled without A/C. The car's system was repaired on Monday -a blower regulator, regulator short harness, and relay (what ever that means) and double the cost of parts for labor. Spoiled or surviving, I'm ready to face the remaining summer weather.

Air conditioning may mean survival for my spoiled collie. Even with her long heavy coat trimmed for summer she refuses to go walking except before 6 am and after 6 pm. She prefers the cool tiles in the house with the thermostat set at 78.

Emotional as well as physical survival is the theme of "Captured" by Colleen Wait. Caged for years by a primitive jungle tribe reduced Lauren's existence to a daily struggle for survival. More horrifying than her life as a captive is her mental struggle with her lost innocence. Can she face her demons? Lauren''s repressed emotional trauma must be faced for her to regain sanity. Like trying to hold a beachball underwater, eventually her demonds surge up to hit her (and you) in the face.

"Captured" is a tale that will capture you. The book is available at and

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Catching UP

My summer has been one of hurry up and wait.

While recouperating, I wasn't able to be physically active and then the weather has been so hot.... but we won't go there. Oh how I miss Alaska!

So I've spent hours devouring many library books, friends books and editing my current novel.

For the next couple of blogs I will be reviewing books by Colleen Wait. She is a prolific author who as published seven books.

The first, Lessons learned at Summer Camp, answers the questions "Why wasn't I told these things? Why didn't I know?" This short inspriational fiction for teen girls and the mothers, counselors and teachers who love them confronts the worldly challenges faced by teens everywhere. Told through the memories of Angel, a summer camp counselor, who shares her story with the girls in her dorm room. She opens her heart to the girls who doubt the value of purity, as she tells of being a good girl who fell in "love" slipped into sexual promiscuity, alcholism, and a disasterous marriage.

Not only will this book open dialog between adults and teens, but will encourage and empower women who are struggling in ungodly relationships.

If there is a pre-teen or teen young lady in your life this book will open doors to those difficult discussions. I can see it used in youth groups.

You may learn more about Colleen at

and get her books at: LXE

Until next time... Write ON!