Thursday, August 11, 2011

Survival or Spoiled

Highs in the mid ninties with the heat index over 100 degrees and the air conditioner in my car quit on Saturday evening when repair shops werea closed. Here in South East Texas A/C is not a luxuray. Heat can kill,make you ill or at lest make you irritable.

Tent camping with the Boy Scouts in West Texas in July, I survived the oppressive heat, so maybe I'm just spoiled without A/C. The car's system was repaired on Monday -a blower regulator, regulator short harness, and relay (what ever that means) and double the cost of parts for labor. Spoiled or surviving, I'm ready to face the remaining summer weather.

Air conditioning may mean survival for my spoiled collie. Even with her long heavy coat trimmed for summer she refuses to go walking except before 6 am and after 6 pm. She prefers the cool tiles in the house with the thermostat set at 78.

Emotional as well as physical survival is the theme of "Captured" by Colleen Wait. Caged for years by a primitive jungle tribe reduced Lauren's existence to a daily struggle for survival. More horrifying than her life as a captive is her mental struggle with her lost innocence. Can she face her demons? Lauren''s repressed emotional trauma must be faced for her to regain sanity. Like trying to hold a beachball underwater, eventually her demonds surge up to hit her (and you) in the face.

"Captured" is a tale that will capture you. The book is available at and

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