Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On a Mission

My calling to volunteer missions in Alaska was twarted this summer by injury and surgery. Recently an opportunity for training in a different ministry became available, so I jumped at it. Diaster Relief training, held in Orange and Houston, gave Nick, Monique and I the training to be ready to assist in the event of a hurricane or other diaster. We are now prepared to volunteer as part of the Diaster Relief team where ever the Lord leads us. We pray that there will be no future hurricanes or diasters, but we are ready to serve.

Here is another book review.

A heart for helping people leads Holly to discover her life's mission. Mount Mission by Colleen Wait follows Holly's journey of self discovery, her struggles with doubt, and her eventual commitment to the mission God has prepared her for. A thought provoking story that will challenge the reader to develop a personal mission or ministry to aid others.

This book has encouraged me to continue planning and preparation for the ministry that I feel the Lord has called me to.

Mount Mission may be found at Amazon.com




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