Monday, October 10, 2011

Christian Witnesses

The Golden Triangle area is readying for the 2011 Bill Glass campaign, Champions for Life.
The latter part of November and the first of December we will experience the love of the Lord as Christian athletes, bikers and others will rally to witness in 76 elementary schools and all the local prisons.

To kick off Champions for Life, Robert Smith pastor of Pinewood Baptist Church and the Cowboy Church on Highway 105 East of Sour Lake invited families to visit the cowboy church on Saturday. Isn't this cowpoke having fun!

We were entertained and enlightened by Zach Dishman, professional bareback bronc rider, who gave his testimony to an enthusiastic crowd. He talked about his faith as he has overcome many injuries, and trials of being a Christian in a sport that is "pretty wild". He encouraged everyone to follow their dreams.

After enjoying cowboy stew, lots of beans and hotdogs, the wanna'be cowboys toasted marshmellows for s'mores and sang
choruses along with guitars.

Devin Wyman, pro football lineman, was the keynote speaker for the kick off Champions for Life banquet. Devin played in the Super Bowl as a rookie defensive lineman with the Patriots and has played for other professional teams.

6'8" tall, weighting 335 pounds, he can bench press over 500 pounds and run th 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds.

Devin encourages kids to be successful and trust the Lord as he speaks in schools through out the country. He tells them then can make a "U" turn in their lives as he demonstrates folding a stainless steel skillet into a taco. He will be visiting area schools in November.

Bikers serve the Lord. Last Sunday I visited Pinewood Baptist Church to experience a biker rally. Over fifty bikers congregated at the church to worship and to listen to the testmony of"Big Al" Aceves.

"Big Al" was a ganster, drug abuser and frequently in prison. He grew up in an abusive family and on the streets of Los Angeles. After two tours in the Army in Viet Nam, he returned to a life of crime and started the Mongoul Nation motorcycle gang.
Through the persistance and love of a friend, "Big Al" accepted the Lord and made a complete turn around in his life. He works with other bikers in Christian bike clubs and at rallys. He has a Christian rehab for men on parole from prison.

"Big Al" was on his knees in prayer for the bikers' rally that left the church and rode to pray at area prisons in preparation for prison ministry in December.

We may not have exciting stories or be champions, but we all have a testimony of faith to share.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Birthdays. 5,10 and 93 years young

Saturday, Oct. 1, we joined birthday girl, Gianna, her mom, Cora, baby sister, Genay, and a passel of little girls to celebrate Gianna's fifth birthday. The "Hello, Kitty"theme was well received with reverberating loud "Meows" coming from the jumpy house.

Gianna and her friends donned ruffley net tutu's and kitty-cat ears. Keeping an eye on running, squeeling little girls was a challenge, like herding cats!

Sunday, Oct. 2nd was my mother's 93rd birthday. We spent the day with my brother, Alan and his family in Lake Charles. We enjoyed worshiping at East Ridge Baptist Church where he is pastor, and then had a lovely meal with birthday decorations at their home.

Don't you love Great Grandma's tiera and Hawaiian bola!

Not to be left out, we also celebrated my niece, Julianna's 10th birthday at Alan's. Her birthday was actually on Oct. 1.

Granddaughter, Chelsea, who lives in Orlando also celebrated a birthday in September. She is now 17!

As for me, I no longer have birthdays.