Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aug 1-12.VBS, signings, Homer

The weekend before Aug 1 was busy with two book signings. The first, on Friday was held at Annabell's Books in the Meta Mall in Wasilla. The owner, a tiny lady named Carol was a delight as she told me some of the history of her store, named after her mother.
Sat. I held a asigning at Pandemonium Books and coffee shop. This delightful store is like Sarbucks with a large bookstore combined.
Sunday we attended Pioneer Baptist services. Monday we returned to assist with Vacation Bible School
The VBS theme of Saddle Ridge Ranch was well received. KIds from the neighborhood and church families attended for fun and Bible study.

These older youth are participating in a missions study.

Lynne and I get in on the fun.

I entered some of my haniwork in the Delta Fair before I left. Lynne surprised me with ribbons.
This bag is made from a recycled Alaskan cowboy boot.

I had completed this boot bag before leaving Texas. It was a hit, too.

Traveling through Canada I was similar wood carvings. Discovering a loon shaped piece of drift wood in the Kiani Lake, I salvaged it and carved this loon. Looks like a winner!

I am most greatful to God for giving me creative talents.

We left Wasilla to travel to Soldotna, southeast of Anchorage. On the way we stopped by this magnificent lodge in the wilderness near Girdwood. Bypassing the lodge, Dale led us to a blueberry patch on the mountain.
My gallon bucket is one/fourth full.

This is the original First Baptist Church of soldotna. The steeple in the back ground is located on the new building which is attached in such oa way as to preserve the original.

Barenda Crimm, missionary to Alasaka, had just left with 40 volunteers who had been staying here while witnessing to the participants of the fishing frenzy.
That's combat salmon fishing on the Russian River.

The building on the far right is a shower and laundry trailer that was purchased for the church to use when the many volunteers are housed here.
Lynne and Dale, assisted by Bill are building a porch and boardwalk to the trailer.
Bill, 86, and his 80 year old wife, Cleo, have been traveling to Alaska in their camper for many years from Arizona to volunteer where ever needed.

Rain and cool weather finally cleared on Wed.
We took advantage of the rare sun to travel to Homer. Dale was most anxious to go 4 wheel driving down the East End road, past Homer, down a 1000 foot cliff face on a one-lane dirt track to the shore of Kachemak Bay.

Russian families live on farms and ranches isolated from contemporary society.

The tide is out on the bay. Mud flats will soon be covered with 20 + feet of tidal waters.
Across the bay, the mountains are topped with many glaciers.

The road disappearing to the right is sthe one we will climb to the top of the ridge.
The shore is composed of ground up coal deposits, sand and crushed reddish rock as well as drift wood, trees and vegetation.

Sky Line Drive north and west of the tiny town of Homer offered a magnificent view of the Homer Spit.

The spit begins at the right near the base of the spruce and winds it's way into Kachemak Bay, dividing the bay into salt water on the right, and brackish water on the left.
Fish LOVE this area, especially salmon and halibot.

We walked and explored the tiny cabins turned tourist "traps", cafes, and charter fishing shops.
Earlier in the day the cars and RVs were so packed in the parking spaces that a photo was impossible.

The Eagle lady died several years ago. She had a small camper on the spit and collected fish guts from the cleaning stations. This she stored in freezers and fed the eagles all year log. Tourists came especially to meet her and to view the eagles.
Since her death, the eagle population has dwindled.

This non working lighthouse is now combined with several other old building and log cabins as a bar and cafe. It is the only non-working light house to retain the right to a lighted beacon because it is on the site of the orginal light house.

The Homer piers are home to thousands of fishing, charter and pleasure boats. Notice the glaciers topping the mountains along the horizon.

The sun is blinding as we leave Homer. Shining on flowers, mountains and glaciers, and tourists.

A visitor from Chicago offered to take our final photo at the visitor's overlook.
Lynne and Dale will remain a few more days at First Baptist Soldotna to complete some repairs.
I will be returning to Anchorage for book signings at Costco.
It's raining again!

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