Thursday, September 23, 2010

Additions to last post.

The blog posted before I was started with the the text. So please excuse the interruption.
The first picture is of the Forth Star Baptist church in Anderson. The pastor is an old friend, Hugh Long, and his wife Marilyn from Florida. Although in their late 70's they love ministering in Alaska.
The second picture is of my rig parked in front of the Martin's in front of Salcha Baptist Church. The pastor is Mark Christiansen who is also the program director for the camp. He and his wife have 5 delightful children.
The remaining photos will have to be self explainatory. From the camp we drove in brilliant sun with frosty mornings. (28 degrees) from Delta to Tok and then through the border crossing into the Yukon. Dale took the photo of the magnificent moon rise on our last night in Alaska.
Note the highway frost ridges. This only lasts for a few miles but is repeated, and repeated and repeated as we head south. I have never seen such brilliant golds on the fall trees as I've seen on the aspens, cottonwoods, and birch. the contrast with dark blue/green spruce is awsome.
We encountered the swans with cignets, elk, moose and a bear on the Alcan. After a visit and dinner at Whitehorse, we traveled to Watson Lake to the signpost forest, then down the Cassiar to Jade City. We camped at Meziadin Provencial Park. After Sunday services and a chili lunch we drove the Kia 25 miles north up a narrow single lane gravel road into Canada along side and above the Salmon glacier.
The three of us are posed in front of the Salmon Glacier, near Hyder, Alaska, only a bordercrossing away from Stewart, British Columbia. This glacier is the fifth largest in Canada and is far below us. We saw the grizzliy and her two cubs on the gravel road, and the black bear and her cub fishing for salmon.
Continuing on down the Cassiar and then the Cariboo highways we stopped along the Frazier River canyon for the night. (our 7th since leaving Delta). A bear track warned of samon fishing by the blackies. After watching trains creeping along rail ridges on both sides of the canyon walls we cooked out, including mixed berry cobbler, and enjoyed a sun set.
The following day we crossed the Canadian/US border into Washington. Traffic!!! I didn't miss the traffic one bit. After getting my brakes checked, I'll be on my way to California, then to Texas.

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