Thursday, December 2, 2010


What do you FEAR?
All my life I've been most defensive of anything near my eyes. Facing Cataract surgery, I had to face my fear of something poking me in my eye.
I've worn glasses since I was seven and probably needed them before that time.
I can't see the big "E" without contac lens. My vision is less than 20/400.
I began wearing hard contacs at age 16, promptly losing one in the swimming pool. The pain of adjusting to contacs was worth being able to see the gravel in the pavement and doing away with "cokebottle" glasses.
An infected tear duct triggered my fear as I watched the doctor come at my eye with huge scalpels.
Years later I suffered (and I do mean suffered!) a corneal abrasion that required wearing a pirate patch for a couple of weeks.
Facing the idea of cataract surgery, I explained all this to the understanding doctor who assured me I'd be sedated for a few minutes while they injected (ouch) around my eye. Then I'd be awake (Horrors) while he removed the old lens and replaced it with a new one.
Here is my concept of FEAR.
Have Faith
Encouragement from others
Admit fears
Relax and Rejoyce when it's over.
My right eye is clear, vision is bright, colors are beautiful, no longer cloudy. My left eye (vision 20/400) is patched so my poor brain can function. I need glasses for reading, but now I can't wait for the surgery on the left eye!
FEAR? What's that? Face Everything And Recover.

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