Monday, March 19, 2012

Dabbling in Creativity

Dabbling is trying to do something new to learn a new technique or expand creativity.

I'm a dabbler.

In preparation for our Alaskan Adventure I've been creating a fabric collage notebook for maps and brochures.

This is the cover of of the journal.

The background fabric is a print of license plates. A compass of scrap quilting is centered with a Navaho beaded medalian. The closure was made from a silver-colored belt.

Inside the journal each state has a pocket divider made from my fabric stash.

The first page/divider represents Texas.

Both the red and blue sections are actually pockets.

One of my favorite places to visit and explore is the Grand Canyon. The watercolor painting on fabric is a pocket.

I found a mesh fruit bag that made a perfect pocket for California.

There are pages for each state we will be traveling through: New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska.

I have not yet come up with an idea for Canada or the Yukon.

While we travel, I plan to draw or paint as well as take photos to document our itinerary.

Below is a small watercolor of a neighbor's oak tree and azaleas as a tribute to spring in Beaumont.

I'm also dabbling in another project. I've been crocheting a rug/mat from strips of plastic bags.

When I get bogged down with writing, I dabble to get inspriation.

Writing is still a priority.
I will be signing my books at Art in the Park in Orange this Saturday.

Come by and see me and see if I've enlarged the mat.

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