Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AK missions, AWSOME

Our trip lead us to Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park to check out the huge trees. Notice the tiny people at the base of the grove of trees. All that white stuff at the base of the trees is several feet of SNOW!
While in Sequoia, Nick and Monique decided to hike from the road way pull out to this river far below. I stayed at the RV. Nick sat on the larger of the two rocks in the upper left-center with the intention of sliding down to the second rock. He did. But caught his leg and tumbled down headfirst into the rapids scaring Monique. She tried to grab him and got soaked too. He suffered a skinned shin and bone bruise, but is ok now.
We spent several  days with Chris, Maggie, baby Chris and Bella at her parents horse ranch. We got to ride the horses. Maggie is standing next to Chris who is sitting. Yes, he's a big guy and baby Chris is taking after him.

From Fresno we drove up,down and  around snaky two land roads to Yosemite National Park. Monique and I hiked to the base of this waterfall. The splashing mist was so intense we could not get close pictures.

Our next stop was Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt lake. Portions of this land-locked lake have a 25% salt content. Millions of California Gulls and birds have rockeries here.

Herds of Buffalo and pronghorn antelope run wild here. Pictures from the RV only. They are not "pets".
This picture from Sequoia was misplaced. Blogspot has changed it's format and I goofed. Monique is standing at the base of the General Grant tree. It would take 20 people holding hands to reach around the base of the tree.
Monday and Tuesday we spent at Yellowstone National Park. I took over 180 pictures.
Internet access is spotty, so I will post some of those awsome pictures at our next stop.

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