Monday, May 14, 2012

AK missions; Camp Balwin

 We arrived at Camp Baldwin and began cleaning cabins, the bathhouses and all the pots, pans and utinsils in the kitchen. We were so busy that I neglected to document with photos.

The weather has been alternately cold, 30-35 degrees in the morning and 40-50 in the afternoon, windy with 40-50 mile per hour winds that blow dust everywhere, with overcast to sunny and partly cloudy skys. Just like in Texas, wait a while and the weather will change. Delta is beginning to experience fires due to the winds and dry conditions.

Sunrise now is about 4:30 AM and sunset at 11:00 PM. The 5 1/2 hours between are twilight, not dark. We are so tired at night that the lack of true night darkness doesn't interfere with sleep.
 A two hour, one-way trip, 100 miles to Fairbanks, took us to Wal-Mart, Sams, and other necessary shopping stops. On the return trip we spotted a moose near the shoulder of the road. Nick and Monique help Lynne and Dale (hidden) load the back of the van with groceries.

 We've been taking turns and working together to cook our meals.  Monique and Lynne prepare dinner, getting used to the kitchen, stoves and location of groceries.
 Nick and Dale man the grill. Moose burgers anyone?
 Everyone gets in on dishwashing. This time I had the camera and lucked out.
 Becoming true Alaskans, Nick and Monique learn to ride Levi's 4 wheeler. Couldn't get Nick off!
Then it's back to work cutting wind-felled birch trees and cutting them up for firewood.

This picture from Sam's in Fairbanks got out of sequence. The flat cart is only a small part of our weekly shopping.  We are trying to make a library trip at least once a week to send emails and blogs. Follow along!!

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