Monday, October 29, 2012

Are you prepared to Sell?

 It's almost November and time for the November 30 day Novel writing challenge. The idea is to concentrate on writing every day and to complete a rough draft of a complete novel by the end of the month. With books written and published, I'm concentrating on selling. How about you?

I don't think I'm up to writing after this past week of book signing disasters. With Christmas sales looming, I must rethink selling.
The picture above shows my books being held down by a bungie cord with the wind whipping the skirt. I set up at the Kountz Trade Days, but became so wet and cold, not to say worried about rain pelting my books, that I gave up, packed up and went home. Now I'm rethinking how to insure that my tent and books can be protected from the weather at future selling events. A couple of new tarps to reinforce the tent walls and bungie cords to hold everything down, and a small electric heater should get me through the next Trade Days.
I thought I was prepared for signing last Saturday at the Culture Fest in Lake Charles. Indoors. No wind or rain to contend with.  I set up my booth in the assigned location.
I enjoy meeting people and sharing an "elevator" talk about my books. I didn't have a clue about the large stage in the same room until bands (Zideco, Jazz and Rock) competed with my attempts to tell visitors about my books.The activities of Fest were great, but sales were slow. 
When sales are this slow, I slip away from my booth and explore the surroundings for writing ideas.

 This singer explained that her dress's colors represented all aspects of Louisiana. Everybody has a story. I would have liked to interview this lady. Her singing and costume are an inspiration for a character study.
 Young teens performed in many nations' festivities including the dragon dance. From my balcony view I pondered many questions that I'd ask the performers
 I watched girls from many nations prepare for a fashion show. When the music was too loud to be heard, I wandered around with my camera and recorder collecting ideas for writing. Maybe a novel will come of this.
 Another band encouraged this Senior couple to dance. I'd love to interview them. Maybe a story?
Again I was not prepared for selling my books, but I took the opportunity to register a complaint with the organizers, suggesting that for next year venders by placed in a quieter location.
Not only is November Novel Writing Challenge, it is also adoption month. We discovered this kitten under a truck in the neighborhood. We couldn't resist her mustachioed face, and soft fur so we've adopted Lillie. How I would like to know her story.

I'll be speaking at Bayou Writers on Saturday.  Come join us. We'll discuss the pitfalls of signings and selling.

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