Saturday, November 17, 2012

Are Writing Conferences a Place to Dabble?

You betcha!  Figure in the conference fees, travel expense and time involved to attend a writer's conference and balance that with what you will learn.
Bayou Writers Group of Lake Charles, LA, hosted another well attended conference last Saturday. 
BWG's mission statement "to educate, encourage, and inspite" both new and expert writers said it all in a nutshell for their ninth annual conference. The 2012 theme, "A Bridge to Publication," presented an opportunity for writers to dabble in diverse aspects of writing.
There were motivational speakers for all. Jessica Ferguson spoke on "The power of the made up mind". She challenged us to know we are writers, that we must write and we will write. 
Stella Nesanovich spoke using person and local in poetry.
 Mona Lisa Saloy discussed folktelling ahd poetry.
Brooks Sherman from New York talked about how to get and keep and agent, while linda Yezak discussed the importance of editing.
C. Hope Clark encouraged us all when she spoke on how writers make money. Do I have your interest?
A challenge to writers is the "On the Wall" first page contest. All attendees are encouraged to submit their very best first page of fiction or non-fiction (without names)  to be judged by popular vote. What a great way to dabble in your favorite genre.
As a final educational event, everyone was encouraged to ask the speakers questions. At this time writers had the opportunity to ask each or all speakers to answer questions as varied as "Who is your favorite author?" and "What is your advice for a beginning writer?" The questions were varied and the answers encouraged us.

An added event was a book rrom where the speakers and writers displayed their works for sale. Writers met speakers and made new friends who have become readers as well as writers.

We left the full day of dabbling in the art of writing with handouts, primed with inspiration to get to work on our personal writing course.

I challenge my writing readers to find a conference that speaks to them and to evaluate the cost plus time to see that this equals inspriation to write.

Stimulate those brain cells. Connect dendrites and synalpses to engage your mind and hand. 

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