Sunday, January 19, 2014

"E" Exercise with Purpose

The newsstand is crowded with magazine covers that entice you to try fool proof diet plans,  have illustrated exercise instructions, and then entice you with new mouthwatering recipes. Specific exercises and related gadgets for cardio, strength training, balance, toning, and weight control are geared to the young in age with time (and money) to spare. Why not walk?

I've always been active. I walk my collie, Sassie, 1-2 miles a day, workout at a gym 3 days a week and try to limit sitting in front of the computer. But had never been competitive.

Motivation came from a challenge by my daughter after she completed her first full marathon in Disney World. She said to find a 5k walk/run and make entering a goal. So I did. Sassie and I took longer walk/jogs and I began to walk/jog on a tread mill daily. I didn't enter to set any records but just complete the walk.

 My first 5k was for Alzheimer's awareness. It was a hot day in September. The crowd was way out in front, but I finished!

Last November I joined thousands in the Fight Breast Cancer 5K.

Today I joined others in a Walk for Life. Notice the lady in front wearing pink shirt and a baby pack.

Walk for a purpose. Search for a local 5K awareness or fundraiser. Set a goal to increase your walk/jog so that you can comfortably complete 3 miles without huffing and puffing.

You will enjoy your stronger body, be proud of meeting a healthy goal, and supporting a cause.

Writers. Carry your camera/phone and a digital recorder. Interview other walkers. Take notes. You may discover an idea for an article.

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