Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What's a Generic Disclaimer?
It is an all encompasing excuse for unexplained problems.
But some of the problems I must explain or clarify.
First, my computer bombed big time. The hard drive went out. In ghosting the old drive to try to save documents that I had not backed up, I lost the operating system, works, the printer drivers and my blog. along with most of my pictures.
Now the backspace key won't work either.
Then we had a power outage and I lost my wifi connection.

Enough . Enough. So my email and blog are back up. but not as before.

Please check the next post which will be about Chri's graduation.

One last word. Back up. Back up. Back up. (That's 2 words)

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! I am so sorry you lost all that. I'm afraid to ask, but what about the book you were working on?

    I changed your link to this one on my blog. Is this one replacing the old?