Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sooo Proud!

Join me to attend Chris Weishampel's graduation. Company A, 787th Military Police Battalion,
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. 18 February 2010.

Before seeing Chris, I drove my motor home from Beaumont to Saint Louis to pick up his wife Maggie and little girl, Bella, at the airport. They arrived from Frezno, Ca. We had never met, so spent the two hour drive to the base in constant chatter.

That night while they stayed in a cozy motel, I spent the first of several nights in the RV. Unfortunatily the propane froze due to the 10 degreee temp.

The following morning we "girls" arrived on base and waited impatiently for the family day activities to end so that we could be with Chris. Back with his wife and child, Chris is all smiles.

Chris received awards of distiction for beingM4/M9 "Top Gun". He scored 50/50, a perfect score, his first time at the firing range, and was the only soldier to do so.

Yes, this picture is right! Chris is 6'7'' tall and Maggie is a petite 4'11''.
After the family day activities, he received a short pass.
We went to lunch and then off base. His first time off the base since arriving.

The following day the graduation exercises were held with the soldiers in battle dress because 90% of his class was shipping out to Korea. Chris is in the reserves, so they flew back to California.

In spite of the snow and freezing temperatures, we had a wonderfully warm time getting to know one another.

I'm proud to be the parent of a soldier, and to welcome a new daughter-in-law and grand-daughter into our family.
Happy Birthday, Maggie!

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