Saturday, May 22, 2010

A galley by golley

At last, after almost two years I've finally received a galley for my novel, "Beneath the Surface", from the publisher. Unfortunately there are some problems with the cover. As you can see the lettering of the title is hard to read. Also, I'm now scrutinizing page by page, and line by line editing for spelling, puctuation, etc. I should have the galley back to the publisher on Monday and then within a week I should have the real thing!

The real thing is the Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge device trade named BOOK.

Darrell is back in the hospital with an undiagnosed infection. He's doing pretty will. We visited him today and he should be released tomorrow. Mother and I also spent a delightful lunch date with Cora and Gianna, and then attended a ceramics painting session at the Mad Potter, with Gianna painting a mug for father's day. Her daddy will be surprised.

I've quit my census job to continue packing for Alaska. The subject of my next blog will be trip planning, and an update on the novel. So sign up as a follower and be an armchair traveler as I head to Floriday and then to parts north.
I'll be looking forward to comments.

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  1. Good about the book but sorry about the cover,
    hope you get it sorted.

    Have a good Sunday.