Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prayer Requests

I've been home for a couple of hectic weeks now. Busy with the house and getting things in order.

I have several prayer requests.
I have worn contac lens since 1958 and am now in the prep stage for cataract ssurgery. I'm out of the contacs and wearing extremely thick tri-focal glasses. Writing, the computer and reading are difficult, therefore my blog will be short. Please pray for me and that the surgery will go well. I'm very defensive of anything close to my eyes and the idea of "seeing" what's happening frightens me.

Please pray for my daughter Cora. She is pregnant and having a very rough time. Nothing stays down. she spent a week in the hospital and is now on bed rest. She is due in May.

Also my daughter-in-law, Maggie, is also pregnant. The baby is extremely large (Daddy Chris is 6'7") and she is having early contractions. She is due in Dec.

Grandson, Devin, is now stationed at the Air Force base in San Angelo for tech school.

I plan to catch up on writing about writing as soon as I can SEE.

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  1. Am praying for peace about the procedure, that the hand of God guide the surgeon and that all needs are met in Jesus name..