Thursday, June 9, 2011


Surgery update with no Pictures!! Aren't you glad?

June 1, I had a large ovarian cyst removed. Thank the Lord it was benign.
My brother, Alan who is a pastor, my mom and my pastor, Big Jim, rallyed around my pre-op bed for prayer with the doctor. We all held hands. I felt as if the Lord was definately in control.
Moments after the anethesiolgist put me under, I struggled to wake up in my room. Little did I know 3 hours had passed.
June 4 my daughter, Cora, and her two little girls brought me from the hospital in Houston home to Beaumont and put me to bed. Mother made lunch for all of us and has been a great Florence Nightingale.
Yesterday my friend, Dana, took me to have 25 HUGE staples removed from the incision. All is well except that I still experience some stomach pain especially when trying to get up or down.

I wish to thank family and friends for their prayers and support.
A very special thank you to Dana who came twice a day to walk Sassie, pet the cat and spoil both with treats. She has spoiled me too with goodies and treats.

Ok, so now that this is over, I'll have no excuse for not getting back to my writing, and topics for more interesting blogs.

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  1. So glad you are doing better and able to get back to your writing. Question for you - does your writer's group do reciprocal reviews?