Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boy Scouts winter camp and bonus

Boy Scout winter camp at Camp Urland, near Woodville was an exciting volunteer experience for me. I arrrived Dec. 26th on a cold clear morning. By the following morning the temp was in the 20s.

We struggled out of bed by 5 am every morning for staff meetings and the flag raising ceremony before breakfast.

I taught the basketry merit badge to 11 young scouts. The weather was so cold that they had to work indoors. If they had tried to soak the basket reeds outside their hands would have turned icy.

The Scouts have a duct tape sculpture contest. The statue of Liberty and the indian were the winners.

The bonus this year is that I was able to take a 20 hour course in wilderness First Aid and CPR.

The CPR course was a review and for recertification. We became intimate with Annie.

The First Aid course was much more involved than any course I've previously taken. Special hands on experiences were provided by mock accidents. One of the leaders used stage make-up to add reality to" injuries" suffered by an explosion, a bike accident and a rock slide.

We adult leaders, who were taking the course, and to rush out of the classroom and respond to the emergencies with a packed First Aid kit, hoping we could remember everything we'd studied.

Rushing down the hill, I saw this boy's amputated foot. My first thought was that it was hidden in a hole. But no. He had actually had the foot amlputated the previous year. His mother used fake blood to make it look like a serious accident. Freaked me out.

Look at the smiles.

As the counselors were carrying our "injured" boy up the hill to a pretend ambulance, several campers started down the hill, saw the bloody injury, and ran the other way.

Missy, one of the instructors, pretended to be in shock after seeing her injured boys. The rescuer in the cowboy hat determined that she had hypothermia, and that the First Aid manual stated that he should undress her, and himself, and get under the space blanket with her to warm her up!

We vetoed the idea and declared her healed.

Winter camp was too short. Friday evening the final flag ceremony ended another enjoyable and educational volunteer experience.

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