Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Release

More than three years ago, I contracted with (and paid) a local publisher to edit, print, publish and promote an inspriational novel, Beneath the Surface. After many excuses, much procrastination and a visit to court, I received a proof copy with errors on 3/4 of the 200+ pages. Months later and another visit to court, I received the rights to my manyscript back. I decided to republish on, changing the cover and proofing again. Within a week, I received a proof. My first order arrived in a week.

What cost me megabucks, time and headaches, I was able to do myself with books in hand within two weeks, not three (plus) years.

What a learning experience this has been! Writers beware. There are many unscrupulous publishers and editors/predators waiting for your money.

My book is available at, from and of course from me. I will be hosting booksignings this spring.

Self published, print on demand books are not carried by major book store chains, but don't let that deter you, they won't carry any print on demand books, no matter who the publisher is.

Not to be discouraged, I'm working on my third inspriational novel.

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