Friday, June 1, 2012

Deconstruction of church ceiling

 I've been on the library's wifi for several hours now trying to send this blog. Appologies again for problems. The pictures of our work at First Baptist Church are out of sequence, again.
The picture above is of sawing the foam insulation from between the trusses. All the little dots are only a small part of the dust that was raised.
 I'm working a snow shovel to remove small fine particles of sheet rock from the carpet. We first had to remove ceiling tiles, then a layer of sheet rock and then the foam insulation. Of course all that stuff had to be removed from the floor!
 We're loading sheet rock into a garbage truck. Several dumpster loads have been hauled off. Bags of fiberglass insulation and blown in paper insulation were saved for re-purposing, by locals.
 This was to be my lead picture. Nick is on one end of the many pews that were removed and donated to area churches.
 Thirty years of Delta dust, the fine silt that is blown in by the winds from the Alaska range and across the Delta River, is falling from the ceiling along with fiberglass insulation and blown in insulation.
Nick is helping to take down the light fixtures while Monique is gathering up sheet rock from the floor. Again those spots are dust in the air. Notice our dist masks and gloves.
We're been working with members of the church for two weeks now preparing the ceiling and attic for the new roof. After the first week, once all the ceiling material was removed, the carpet vacuumed, and the log walls dusted, we set up chairs for Sunday services. Then all the chairs had to be removed again so work could continue this week. We are now waiting for the new trusses to arrive from the manufacturer.
No rest for us though, we are preparing for Vacation Bible School which starts Monday, May 4.

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