Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Painting and roofing

 Dressed for cool weather, we tackled painting the outside of the cabins, and the trim. Later the chapel was painted and trimmed.
 The weather warmed up before we were finished. Morning temps have been in the mid 50s with afternoon highs in the 70s. I deal weather for outside work.
We don't believe in all work and no play!

 The interior and exterior of the dining hall received  new coats of paint, and window and door trim. Dale installed four ceiling fans rescued from the church roofing project. 
Ceiling fans? Yes, it gets hot here too. Last Saturday the high was 89 degrees.
 The church has received a partial new roof. We are no longer needed for hauling debris from the deconstruction.
From the sactuary, pulpit area you can see the old trusses and sky where the new trusses are being replaced.
Alaska weather is similar to Texas weather, you never know what to expect. This morning the temp was 50 degrees with rain. And the temp hasn't risen all day. The roofing project is at a stand still, however all our painting has been completed.
Last night seven summer missionaries, college students, arrived to prepare for the children who arrive tomorrow. We are ready!

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