Tuesday, July 10, 2012

camps and cooking

 I've been so busy in the kitchen, acting as nurse and conducting crafts classes that I've hardly had  time to sleep, much less write this blog. We had a kindergarten-to second grade mini camp that was a blast with all the little guys and gals running around playing games. This was one of our few sunny warm days. High about 70.  Cooking for them was a challenge because we wanted to make sure they got food they liked, like hot dogs and mac and cheese.
 The older children's favorite game is to find the counselors who have dressed in camo and faace paint. They hide in the woods, often under piles of old leaves or in thickets of wild roses. The kids try to find them. All this takes place after dinner, about 8 pm while it is still day light.  The official sunset now is 11:49 pm and sun rise is at 3:36 am. However during those 3 1/2 hours it is still twilight.

 My title is chief desert maker. On the fourth of July, I baked a hugh sheet cake (it took three cake mixes). These older girls, counselors -in-training) helped by adding the decorations. I'm up by 6:30 and in the kitchen soon after. We begin lunch as soon as breakfast is cleaned up. If we're lucky we may get a short break after lunch clean up, then I have crafts classes and back to the kitchen for dinner. Usually I'm through by 8 pm. One week while I was acting nurse, I had to give meds. at 11:00 PM.  I'm so glad Lynne has returned from her short visit to their daughter's
 Late in the evening after dinner and games, the campers meet together for campfire, songs and skits. During the day they participate in Bible study, missions study, and singings as well as games.
 A very popular game is water balloon toss. A favorite counselor, in this case our camp program director, is chosen to stand in a wire cage while kids throw water balloons at the wire in front of him. Lots of fun when the air temp. is in the 50s and the water temp. is in the low 40s.
 The campers share chores. these three little gals worked to gether to clean out the bottom of the shower.
 I do not often get to attend Bible study. I'm pleased to have taken this picture of a small boy praying.
On the last morning of camp, we have lots of sleepy campers!
We are now in the middle of the 5-6th grade camp. it has been raining steadily and is quite cold. 50s today.
We are praying for sun shine, but the cold wet weather doesn't dampen the kids spirits.

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