Friday, July 27, 2012


 Upps, blogger didin't up load several pictures. since my last blog, we have hosted 4-5th grade camp, junior high camp and are now completing high school camp. The missing pitures are of Bible study, solo time, and tie-dying T-shirts.

Fairbanks and Delta Junction have experienced the coldest winter and coldest summer on record. last winter the temp. dropped to 60 below and our summer average has been 55 degrees. That doesn't stop the children from enjoying an improvised water slide. The air temp. of 60 was quickly met by water temp of about  45 degrees!

Most of the days have been chilly with rain or drizzle. That doesn't stop water fights, with buckets of water that are tossed at campers and counselors. This week has felt like a Texas heat  wave. The afternoon temp. has reached 70.

Over the week end, with no campers in session and our shopping completed, Lynne, Monique and I gathered our buckets and knives to collect the magenta flowers of the fireweed. Returning to camp, we stripped the blossoms from the stems, cleaned them and froze the blossoms in four cup measures. To our amazement, we had enough for 13 batches of fireweed jelly.

Another evening, Lynne, Dale and I took off after dinner dishes to our favorite blueberry patch. the berries were ripening and we had beat the bears to the patch. the three of us collected 5 pounds of berries. Enough for 2 patches of jam.

We don't seem to be able to get out of the kitchen!
A sample of the tie-dying. 
Sunrise now is 4:40, and Sunset is 11:00 P.M. The remaining night is still twilight. Last night the campers were still going strong at 4:oo A.M.

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