Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little vacation time

After the high school camp was over, we cleaned the kitchen, dining hall, bathhouses and cabins. A well deserved break beckoned us to travel to Homer located on the tip of the Kenai Peninsula.
At rest stop we met this gentleman from Seattle. He had boarded the ferry in Bellingham and got off in Seward where he caught a ride to Anchorage. He was biking to Tok, then on the AlCan to Dawson Creek.  And I think I'm brave!

Homer is a tiny tourist and artist town located below this bluff. From the ridge you can see a large bay, then  a barrior strip and then the Homer Spit jutting into Kachemak Bay. Near the end of the spit is a tiny, quaint shopping and fish processing area that lines the narrow two lane road. The tide from Cook Inlet (on the right) may rise more than 20 feet, washing the pebble beach with drift wood, kelp and dinner for the birds. The Kenai Mountains are in the distance

This view across Cook Inlet shows the mountain range with glaciers shrowded with mist and clouds.

 Along the harbor, we discovered this customized RV. It does run on the highway, but while parked it is decked out with flower boxes.
 This specialty Recreational Vehicle is truly astounding. Built in Germany and transported to Anchorage for state-wide tours, campers sleep in tiny cubicles behind those little windows. I'd like to go inside to see how they squeeze in. On the outside, tent like awnings attached to the side and rear provide space for camp cooking and seating. The front of the rig (to the left) is glassed in like a regular tour bus.
 We parked our rigs facing the pebble strewn beach. Two magnificent bald headed eagles left their fishing in the shallows and perched close enough for pictures. These birds are numerous on the Homer Spit.
 Another custom conversion camper was parked on the beaach. This one is on a school bus body. Not only does it have an upstairs over the cab, but there is a second floor or loft in the rear over a railed porch. Wish I could see inside.
We had one day of sunshire in Homer. Rain on the trip down and rain on the return trip to Wasilla.
On Sunday we visited Big Lake Baptist Church. DeeDee Jonrow, the sled dog musher, was our Sunday School teacher. DeeDee is a 10 year breast cancer survivor, and has run the Iditerod 30 times, coming in 2nd twice. This past march she placed tenth. Not bad for some one her age.  She's such an inspiration.
After Church we drove to Talkeetna for lunch with long time friends, Micky and Anna, and their extended family. On the return we stopped at the Talkeetna Lodge to search for Mt McKinley. (Better known as Denali) The overcast sky began to lighten as the cloud cover moved off. We waited with others and their cameras until THE mountain was "out". The top of the 20,000 ft. (plus) mountain can only be seen about 30% of the time due to its own weather system that produces a cloud cover.

Tomorrow we will be back at Camp Baldwin to prepare for weekend activities, working at the church, and then winterizing the camp. Sunset is now about 10:30 P.M and sunrise at 5:30. During the night it is now dark enough to see the moon and stars (if it doesn't rain).

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