Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wishes

 Jesus is the only reason for the Season. Over the years I've collected Nativity Scenes from various places.
I will share some of these. They are displayed at my home church, West End Baptist, in Beaumont. More are stored in boxes at home for display another year.
 This silvery gray set was cast from ash that fell during the eruptions of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 in Washinton, State.  Chris and I visited the area on our first road trip to Alaska in 2002.
 This collapsible scene is made from tin. We acquired it in the early 90's in interior Mexico.
 The Manger Scene inside an egg shape was cast from sand from the White Sands proving grounds in New Mexico.
 I beaded these three figures using a beading loom.
 One of my favorites is this ceramic angel I made while an art teacher in the mid 70's. She is an antique!
One of my favorite ethnic Nativities is this one from Alaska with natives in parkas and baby Jesus on a sled inside an igloo.

I decry the commercialism of Christmas almost as much as I cringe at the elimination of "Christmas" for "Winter Holidays". Although we can't know the exact date Christ was born, we can't ignore the true meaning for the celebration of His birth at this time of year.
May You Have a Christ filled Christmas

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