Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines

 A couple of weeks ago, my daughter, Cora, emailed to ask if I knew how to sew. How quickly our kids forget! I'd tried to teach all my girls to sew when they were younger and still at home.

She asked me to teach her how to make shirts. I'm thinking, collars, buttons, oh my. But no, thank goodness, what she had in mind was applique on T shirts for her girls .

We had two sewing "classes" after a trip to the fabric store. Before I left her, the girls and my machine at her house I tried to teach her how to thread the machine. How old fashioned I am! Cora popped out her phone and videoed the lesson! Later when the bobbin got knotted, she knew what to do.
 This is my 6 year-old granddaughter, Gianna, proudly modeling her valentine shirt. Proudly made by her mother, with a little assistance from Grandma.
 Baby sister, Genay, was not a cooperative model, but at least she blessed us with a smile.
 Cora has already started designing Easter shirts. This one is waiting for the zigzag stitching.
An the next generation of sewers is getting a lesson. My grandmother, Nana, was an excellent seamstress making embroidered gowns. My mom taught me to sew and now we pass it on.

Happy Valentines to all.

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