Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dabbling Pays Off

While in Alaska last summer, my friends, Lynne and Dale, helped me introduce Nick and Monique to foraging. We searched the roadsides for stalks of fuchsia fireweed blossoms, the woods for blueberries, and for high bush cranberries.
Lynne and I photographed our excursions and the process of making jelly in her 32 foot motor home.

 When I returned home with several cases of jams and jellys, I was happy to share our labors with friends, neighbors and family.
Last fall, I wrote an article and submitted it to the Escapees Magazine. It was accepted! Escapees RV Club is a loosely organized, national organization of folks who travel or live full-time in their recreational vehicle and includes articles submitted by members.
"Blossoms and Berries" describes utilizing the fruit of the land as a wonderful way to savor the memories of RV travel.
 The three page article gives recipes for fireweed jelly, blueberry jelly, cranberry jelly and a bonus recipe for blackberry cobbler using blackberries we found along the Oregon coast.

The bottom picture is of me cooking jelly in the RV.
I sent a second article to Escapees Magazine that was also printed. This story is about the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon. During the construction of the Alaskan Highway (the AlCan), a homesick soldier erected a wooden sign indicating his hometown. In the Fall of 2012 there were over 74,000 signs. This light pole that is plastered with Escapees stickers stands out in the forest.

I encourage travelers to add their own sign to the forest and Escapees members to write their membership number and date on a sticker and add it to the light pole.

The day I received the magazine, I also received a lovely check for my writing.  Dabbling in a variety of interests pays!

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  1. I would just love to read that article. Sounds so exciting!!