Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dabbling from A to Z

Email response to "Right-brained Dabbler" has confirmed that there are a lot of us who want to know something about everything. Writers commented that they were surprised at how many interests they had beside writing. Craftsmen noted that they could now see ways to combine interests into a new creation.

Using my list of interests we're going to explore Dabble topics beginning with A for Animals.

Your interest may be in domestic pets or in wild animals. Or both. Animals are excellent topics for stand-alone stories (especially for children), or as inclusions in fiction. I photographed this moose, "praying for spring", through a window. Female moose protecting a calf or two are one of the most dangerous animals in the wild. The ungainly, roman-nosed ugly moose is a favorite for craftsmen to characterize.

Another wild animal that is best studied from a distance, the black bear, has influenced writers to create Yogi the Bear, Smokie the Bear and that cute mama and baby bear for Charmin tissue.
We are all familiar with the Teddy Bear and all of his adorable offspring.

I suggested that you list what you did NOT like. Snakes top my do not like list. I forced myself to touch this one and was surprised that its scales are dry and slick. I have to admit that the pattern and colors are lovely. If I were to write about a snake in a story, it would be from the view point of dislike.
Challenge: Tiny Prince George has a nursery with an African wild animal theme. Do you think the theme will become a trend(long term) or a fad (quickly fading)? 

Craftsmen: Design a toy or clothing with an African animal theme.
Writers: Write a children's story that you might submit to Kate and William as a gift for George.
Next time we will discuss architecture.
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