Saturday, August 17, 2013

Right-brained Dabbler

I was probably ADHD before that diagnosis became popular. I drove my parents and teachers nuts as I flitted from one interest, idea and project to another. Right-brained people enjoy challenges, are creative and are constantly wanting to try something different.

Writers, you've heard the adage "write what you know". How do you know what you know? Neither you nor I can afford a team of researchers so by identifying your interests, talents and abilities you will be able to write with authority.

Crafters, you will learn a lot about yourself and how you can put your creativity to work for you.

I'm going to share activities to get you started. You may use electronic gadgets, smart phone, digital camera, electronic notepad, etc. but since writers/craftsmen are visual learners transfer electronic notes to paper.

Using a roll of calculator tape begin to list everything that interests you, every activity you've been engaged in or would like to explore. This may get unexpectedly long....... Hang it up proudly.

Don't have calculator tape? On a sheet of lined paper, draw a vertical line down the center to create two columns. At the top of the first column write "Interests". At the top of the second column write "Talent/Ability" (something you could teach). List, list, list. Don't try to analyze your topics, just write. Later use colored markers or pencils to color code related topics. These are your specialties.

Sticky Notes are a valuable tool for jogging your experiences from memory. Carry a notepad and pen as you do chores, at your job, in the car. Jot dot down your interests with a star to indicate a special ability. Use a spiral notebook to organize your notes into topics that express you.
These activities will empower you. You are creative. You have an active brain. What if you don't finish what you start?  But you have finished when you've gotten what you wanted out of the activity; there doesn't have to be an end product. Give yourself permission to put a project aside and try something else. 
 As a writer, don't guess. Write what you know. I recently read a well know author who talked about a male cat that was white with brown and gray spots. WRONG. Three colored cats are calicos and are 99.9% female.
Craftsmen do you now see how you could combine two or more of your interests into something unique? Think of combining patchwork quilting with beadwork and three dimensional flowers.
Challenge: Make a list of what you don't like, what you wouldn't like to try and why.
                  Make a bucket list of things you'd like to do before you die, and research the reality of actually doing at least one of these.
Next time we will begin exploring my interests from A to Z.
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