Sunday, November 10, 2013

Upps, another "C"

Christmas and Conventions.
Last week I was able to hold a book signing at a local Christmas bazar. Over 30 venders of crafts, antiques, and collectibles were able to show and sell their wear.

 The bazar was held in the ware house of a large local import store in conjunction with a traditional First Thursday antiques street fair.
Writers and crafters. Now is the time to put on your salesperson's hat and get those products out there.
I set up my booth with not only my books but with my daughter's six titles. We venders would have liked to have seen more traffic, but most of us sold well. This was the first time this particular store has hosted a crafts fair. I enjoyed meeting other interested crafters and writers.
My only complaint was that the live band was too close and too loud!

Yesterday I attended the Bayou Writer's Guild writer's conference in Lake Charles, La. This panel of our seven excellent speakers concluded the day with a question and answer session. We were given much advice and encouragement from all. Third from the right is DiAnn Mills a Christian writer of over 60 published books. She and the others shared their expertise.
I was fortunate to be able to pitch a manuscript to two agents and an editor. All three were encouraging. One invited me to send the completed manuscript for further evaluation.
Pray that they will accept it for publication!
Writers brought their books to sell in the book room. These three writer friends are taking their turn manning the store. My books are to the right.
I know I've digressed from the original intent of blogging "Dare to Dabble", but that's life. Tomorrow I deploy with Disaster Relief to assist in clean up and recovery in some of the 200 homes that were flooded south of Austin. I'm sure the next blog - when ever I can get to it - will be about Disaster Relief.

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