Sunday, February 23, 2014

"the year of the Horse"

           I attended Bayou Writer's monthly meeting and was challenged to write something about the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse.
          To my surprise, I was born in the Year of the Horse, but I won't tell you which year!
           According to the Chinese Zodiac that we writers were given as inspiration, motivation and to challenge us, a person born in the Year of the Horse is talented, clever and kind. I'll admit to those characteristics. It also stated that some Horses don't listen to advice.  Well, I have to admit to that trait, too, sometimes.
          Horses are advised to marry a Dog or a Tiger, but never a Rat or a Monkey. I'll admit I married a Rat! Should have read my horoscope.
          As a child I was horse crazy, collecting miniatures, reading "Black Beauty" and "The Black Stallion" over and over. I saved my money and by Junior High, I'd bought my first horse.

         My best friend in High School also had a horse, and loved music and art. Today we have reestablished that friendship and spent last wonderful time last week in the excitement of watching the Gala of Royal Horses.

Riding master, Rene Gasser, following in the footsteps of seven generations of trainers commands one of the Royal stallions. I was thrilled, with chill bumps on my arms and my heart in my throat, as the show featured some of the Royal Horses of Europe.

Beaumont was honored to by one of the few Texas stops on the equestrian 2014 tour of North America. The show on this tour has be previously seen only at the famous riding schools in Vienna and Spain.

The Royal Horses of Europe are some of the most celebrated in history. They've been the favorite of royalty, riders and bullfighters. The grace and beauty of these magnificent creatures and the dedication of their trainers will continue to enthrall me.

As a writer, I challenge you to examine your interest in one or more of God's magnificent creations and to use that as a theme in your writing.

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