Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alaska Missions 2014

 Journaling while traveling is a challenge. Preparation for the journey was a bigger challenge.
 This winter in southeast Texas was also a challenge. We experienced several periods of freezes and warm ups. I discovered a leak from a skylight over the bathroom in the RV. My local, favorite and friendly RV repair man showed me where I had numerous leaks. And the bed support in the cab over was filled with old water and rotten Styrofoam.
Tom tore off the front nose of the RV, removed the window, supported the sides and began to rebuild the whole cab over section. We waited weeks for new sky lights, and vents. Most of the replacement pieces had to be hand formed.
Tom rebuilt the floor of the cab over with new insulation, new flooring and repaneled the walls.

This is the new interior with the cab over filled with bags of donated coats, sweats and caps for Alaska missions. Donations have been made by several churches.
This is a view of the basement storage area. The boxes are filled will donated books for the mission. I should have taken a photo of the two spare tires I ended up with stored for a short time under here.
I left home on Sunday, April 13, and took my mom to Kilgore. On Monday I visited with my friend Judy, then before I left Tyler I was hit by a freak hail storm. Suffered a crack in the wind shield.
Over night in Lubbock, the temp dropped to 25 degrees.
Traveling through New Mexico, I stopped for gas and noticed a low tire. Something had gouged between the treads. My spare was put on. I bought a spare.
In Arizona another tire began to split. I was blessed to pull off on the service road. I waited a couple of hours for road service. The night was spent in the parking lot of a tire store. In the morning, 4 tires later, I was on my way. I arrived at Diane's in Prunedale, CA. on Thursday.
Diane had major surgery on Friday. She did well. Was released on Monday. Today we are resting.
Thank you for you for your prayers for Diane and for my travels.

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