Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On to Alaska

        I left Beaumont for California and Alaska on April 13, heading first to Kilgore. While getting gas in Tyler, I was hit by my first adventure, a hail storm that cracked the front windshield. 
        Wifi connections have been few and far between. Cell phone service has also been spotty or "out of service area", so this is my first chance to send a blog from the library in Delta Junction, AK.
       Driving through New Mexico I had my first flat tire. In Arizona, another tire blew out. After replacing 4 tires, I continued on to Prunedale, CA to be with my cousin Diane who had major surgery. She is pictured with her son, Toby. Today she is recovering well. Continue to pray for her.

I must leave this picture large and brag on my youngest son, Chris, and his three year old son, "baby" Chris.  Isn't he cute? Looks like his daddy.

"Baby" Chris is quite a lap full for his mom Maggie. We had an enjoyable but short visit with them and her extended family before I continued on from CA, back tracking I-40 to the Grand Canyon.
        I reached the Grand Canyon Mathern campground late afternoon on a Thursday to learn that all the RV sites were full.
        However I was pleased to find a site at the Desert View campground on the Eastern ridge. I woke at 4 a.m. and drove to the Watchtower to photograph the rising sun over the canyon.
        The awesome view of the black starry night fading and the distant cliffs glowing with pinks and purple, never fail to inspire me to praise the Lord for His handiwork.
       From the Grand Canyon, I drove across Arizona and New Mexico into Colorado to Mesa Verde.
       I met with Lynne and Dale Martin from North Carolina and Lynne's brother, Dave, and his wife, Betsy. I caravaned with the Martins to Alaska. Mesa Verde was an inspirational meeting place. We hiked a mile and a half trail, climbing over 1,000 feet to an overview of the mesa.
      The following day we toured several of the ancient ancestral Pueblo ruins. To reach Cliff Palace we hiked down over rocks to the below the rim and had to climb four 10 foot log ladders to return to the rim.
      We also hiked to the Spruce Tree House pueblo.
        Leaving Colorado behind I followed the Martins through Utah into Idaho where we were greeted with a heavy snowfall on the continental divide. The weather was cold and damp into Montana, but cleared as we entered Canada.
        I have too many photos of Canada and the Yukon, but only included this one of the RV and the Rocky Mountains.
        We drove steadily through Canada with an overnight in Whitehorse, Yukon to spend Mother's Day at the Baptist Church. Dale took Lynne and I out to lunch. After six days enjoying the sights, scenery and animals along the Alaskan Highway we were eager to cross the border back into the USA.
        We continued on the camp in Delta Junction, AK to begin preparing for summer camp.
        Returning to Tok, AK, we were greeted by the Dials who are missionaries preparing the Mission Resource Training Center. However before the showers and bathrooms were complete we hosted a team of basketball players who held basketball camps in four of the Native Villages.
       In addition to cooking, laundry and general duties, I was asked to design a sign for the center.
      Here I am using a power saw to cut out plywood letters. Some of the young people painted the letters for me.
     The Dials say "Thank you" to all of you who sent coats for them to share with the Native Alaskans in outlying bush villages.
        Dale had the job of mounting the letters. I supervised and took pictures.
      We are now back at Camp Baldwin in Delta.  The water lines are operating. Although this morning at 30 degrees, the water was slow. We will be traveling to Fairbanks on Friday to make our first huge grocery purchase at Sams and a trip to Walmart.
      I hope that I won't get this far behind again!!!

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  1. Great blog mom! I really enjoy seeing all the progress you've made.