Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Preparing Camp

We returned from out short mission trip to Tok and Native villages to Camp Baldwin to begin the tasks of preparation for summer. The morning lows have been in the LOW 30s.
One of our first stops was to check in with the pastor and staff at First Baptist Church, Delta. From the parking lot in the rear of the church we have an excellent view of the north face of the Alaska Range. Fresh snow blankets the mountains.

Our first visitor at the camp is this young moose "praying for spring" and nibbling on the new grass on the playing field.

We cleaned the dining hall and washed every pot and pan in the kitchen. On Sunday we hosted the church youth and their parents for an end-of-school cook out in the rain.

Alaskan kids don't let a little cold rain stop them from playing.

The drizzle stopped long enough for Dale to climb the slippery ladder to mount the camp's sign. Lynne attaches the lower end of the other sign while I man the camera.

My cousins, Don and Clara visited with us from Texas. They are on a driving trip from Anchorage, to Talkeetna, Fairbanks, and then south back to Anchorage. Don spend several years as a teen in Delta and had not been back since. He said Delta Junction hadn't changed much in 50 years.
They said that our s'mores were excellent.

The girls and the boys bath houses  get  frequent cleanings.

We climb the bunks to change mattress pads and then make up the beds with sheets and sleeping bags for the Vacation Bible School team from North Carolina that will be arriving this week end.
Lynne insisted that she document my efforts. A volunteer should be able to say what they are volunteering for, but a servant does what ever is asked. 
I've enjoyed being desert chef, and have made 14 doz. chocolate chip cookies, 4 doz. haystacks, and 4 doz. porcupine balls, as well as helped prepare meals. And 60 brownies (at last count, I think a few were missing). Today I'll bake more cookies for the upcoming teams.

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