Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rain. An answer to prayer

Much needed rain fell last night and is continuing today. Wild  fires west of us sent heavy smoke that has now lessened. However, rain puts a squelch on outdoor fun.

I'm including a couple of Denali photos that I didn't include last time.
We saw several single and small herds of caribou on the tundra. Their antlers are in velvet.

The Dal Sheep stay high on the cliffs, but we were able to get telephoto pictures.

The National Park Service supports an Artist in Residence program. Artists submit applications for the chance of living and working in one or another of the National Parks for a year. The above painting is as close as I've been to a Dal Sheep.
We have a "too close for comfort" relationship with our resident moose. Sassie didn't bark and alert me to this yearling who was grazing right behind the RV.
A couple of days later while she and I were walking, we spotted a mama moose and a newborn calf on the gravel road.
Returning to the RV, I tied her outside for a few minutes. She did not bark to warn me that another mama moose and calf were right on the other side of the RV. I grabbed her tie out and pulled her to me and pushed her inside. The mama moose was growling and snorting. We stayed inside until she trotted away. No pictures!  (I have no idea why this underlined in red)

The playing field of dandy lions has been a feeding ground for migrating tiger swallowtail butterflies. They were not happy when I mowed the field. One of my many maintenance jobs.

One evening I was visiting with the Martins in their RV when Sassie began to bark.  At least our moose alarm was working again.This yearling was standing at the front fender of the green Kia. He ambled toward Sassie and me (standing on the RV steps). He was so close that I was afraid that he'd kick Sassie (I couldn't reach her), or kick the Kia, so I yelled at him and he trotted off. 

While visiting our only grocery story we met these Alaskan kids who were participating in National Lemonade Day. Notice the little guy in the stroller is barefooted.

Due to the high Delta Winds the roof of the sports building and the new chapel needed repair. The VBS team had reroofed part of the sports building, but left the chapel to us. the chapel was a new addition last summer. This permitted the old chapel to be turned into cabins.

During my spare time I crocheted an edge to this fleece to make a blanket for cousin Diane. Please continue to pray for her. She has now begun chemo for cancer.
Also pray for the counselors and campers as summer camp progresses in the rain.

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