Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mini Camp, Jun 21-25, 2010

I arrived at Camp Baldwin, Delta Junction, AK. on Sunday, June 20th.
Although it was late afternoon, the sun was shining brightly. Lynne and Dale met me with a delightful dinner and lots of conversation. They have been working to get camp ready and have helped with Bible School at First Baptist, Delta.
June 21st was Summer Solstice. the sun rose at 2:57 A.M.and set at 12:47 A .M. giving us 21 hrs and 50 min. of sun. Actually we had twilight for the remaining two hours, so it was never "dark".

One of our first jobs was to weed the flower beds along the front of the chapel. I'm learning to discern weeds from Alaskan natives. the purple iris, and wild roses are in full bloom. Fireweed is just beginning to bloom, so summer is on it's way.

Our first group of campers are graduates of Kindergarten and First grade. They spent three days and two nights with us. Surrounding them are counselors, called summer missionaries, from colleges in Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Arizona.

Water is an attaction for all kids, no matter their age. Here the campers take turns dousing counslers with water balloons. Temp is in the upper 60s.

Water fights with buckets of cold water, mud, soaked clothes and drenched counselors. What fun!

The white fluff on the ground is not snow. It is the whispy white seeds from the cottonwood trees.

This is the first time I've seen cottonwood with stems of fluff this large.

Sassie is enjoying all the attention. These girls have been picking iris and other wild flowers for the dinning hall tables.

Lynne, Dale and I do work. We are serving a hamburger dinner out doors.
After the children left, we cleaned cabins, the kitchen and bathhouses.

Saturday evening we were treated to dinner by Mike Proctor, the Director of Mission for Alaska, and his mom, Elsie.
We visited the kennels for a sled dog trainer. Here are some of his 20+ dogs, all chained to individual houses.
They are not your typical huskys, but are bred with long legs for speed.

Sassie refused to let me bring this little fellow home. I doubt I could handle him when he is grown and full of energy.
Speaking of energy, the long days encourage everyone to be active. No one especially the kids, wants to go to sleep.
It's difficult to find time to write and even more difficult to get to wi fi that works!
I'm at the library now and will keep you posted.


  1. A wonderful time seems to be having by all.


  2. You look great, Carol...beautiful pictures!