Wednesday, July 7, 2010

third & fourth grade, June 28, July 4

This week, our scond session, we had almost a full camp of third and fourth graders.
Here they wait for the games to begin.

They are always hungry after a night of fun and little or no sleep. Dale is making pancakes by the dozens while I tend to cooking the sausage.

Our counselors are game for anything. They are suited up for counselor hunt. They hide in the dense underbrush, in the trees, and in the forest while the kids try to find them.
The tall young man hid so well under the brush that he was stepped on. He rose up and scared the kids!

Cabin chores are a must, but we still have to follow up after they return home.

Ofcourse there are water fights.

The new and improved Lake Camp Baldwin provides a chilly treat.

Look out below, here we come. No I was not convinced to get soaking wet in the upper 60s temp. Even with the sun shining.

Mud and boys. Need I say more?

We have a new young moose this season. She was identified as a two year old and stayed very close to the back of our motor homes.
Sassie sets off the moose alarm, but has to be inside so that she doesn't antagonize our visitor.

The boys and the girls printed T-shirts by using a corn cob as a printing plate.

Moosie came back to spend the night.

Our junior counselors, CITs, help in the dining room.

Their favorite job is tending the snack shack. Wonder if they're eating up the profits.?

Our last day hamburger picnic is always a favorite, but also a time to begin missing camp. After the campers return home it's time for cleaning, and a well deserved rest.

Saturday, Lynne and Dale drove 2 hours and 100 miles to shop for groceries in Fairbanks.
I spent the day at the Farmer's Market autographing my books. I also sold commerative t-shirts for the Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce. This year Delta celebrates its 50th anniversary as an incorporated town.
Delta was founded as Buffalo Center before the Alaskan Highway, the AlCan, joined the Richardson Highway, actually a sled dog trail, that ran from Fairbanks to Anchorage.

Stay tuned for the big celebration and to see what transpires at camp.

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  1. You all seem to be having a wonderful time.
    Hope it continues.
    Take care.