Thursday, July 15, 2010

5th and 6th grade camp

Hi all. All of a sudden the wirless won't let me add any more pictures, so I'm going to send this and try a new blog with additional Pics.

These boys are just returning from an over night in a tent in the woods.

The boys as well as the girls enjoy hiking, exploring and cutting diamond willows to carve.

On Thursday night we had Adventure Cafe. The kids enjoyed dining with unusual center pieces and ate with a variety of kitchen utensels.

Will she make it to her mouth with mashed potatoes and moose meat loaf?

Friday's final breakfast, found campers exhausted from out door games that lasted most of the night. There is still light, twilight, all night long, so ofcourse they don't want to sleep.

Our final mealn on Friday is a noon hamburger cook out.

This daughter of Alaska is heading home with her granddad on the most common means of transportation.

Wish I could ride!

Alaskans, like all kids, love water games. Here they play waterballoon toss.
Now I'm going to send this and try another blog to finish up with pictures.
Stay tuned.

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