Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jr Hi Camp. July 10-18

Saturday started a new week for us. The weather was warmer at the farmers market where I visited with Katie whose husband is an excellent potter. He fires hand thrown pottery in a propane fired kiln. She sells delicious home baked goodies.
Thirty five members of the Fairbanks Chinese Baptist Church enjoyed camp for the week end. The two older girls had attended camp the previous week and were excited to show their families around, and to intorduce Sassie to little sisters.

Sunday evening Lynne and I cleaned blueberries and rhubarb in the kitchen of their motor home. We froze the results for later jelly making, but saved enough out for strawberry-rhubarb pie.
The strawberries came from a tiny Russian lady we met at the farmer's market.

Lynne caught me swatting mosquitoes while picking stems of fireweed flowers.
Later we plucked the blossoms from the stems, washed and boiled them to freeze for making jelly.

Junior High campers arrived on Monday for a week of fun, fellowship and inspiration.
Because their games, water sports and other activities are similar to the previous weeks I didn't photograph them.

Dale's building project is sto add a deck to the back side of the recreation building. Here I'm helping him lay the floor while Lynne mans the camera.

Huge transport planes have been flying low over the tree tops.
I was told that these practice flights and touch and go landings at Eielson
Air Force Base are a part of the Red Flag training manuvers.

For crafts one day I asksed the kids to bring something God created, not man made. We then drew with charcoal from the fire pit and with twigs and tempra paint.
This young artist had brought a mosquito and did an excellent job of drawing it with a stick.

Another day I demonstrated landscape painting and the campers painted with water colors outdoors.

The Youth Pastor of first Baptist Delta, Levi, and his wife Jessica had their first child, a boy.
Baby Eli was born on the Fourth of July.

Lynne and Dale had the camp names of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head so I had to make their name sakes.

Friday morning, the last breakfast is alway an "eye opener"!

Now how did this get in here twice?

Campers enjoyed the hamburger picnic.
Notice the typical Alaskan dress on the girl closest to the yellow post. Sweatshirt, shorts and sandals.

Saturday we made the 100 mile, two hour trip to Fairbanks for groceries.
On the way we stopped in North Pole to visit Santa and Santa Claus House.

After Sunday School our Sunday Service was a combined community service with members of four or five of the local churches. We met under a large tent with brilliant sunshine after a night of rain.

A mixed praise band led the congregation in song. Pastor Echo
hawk, a Pawnee led the welcome. Dave Becker, pastor of First Baptist, Delta gave the message.

While Dale manned the grill cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for a crowd of over 200, Lynne and I managed the three ladened tables of food.

Hours later, friends said good by, gathered up kids and empty food containers and expressed what what a good time was had by all.

After a short nap, Lynne and I defrosted fireweed juice and made jelly.

What a busy week, fun week end, and now to get ready for High School Camp.

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