Sunday, March 20, 2011

Costco Signings

I have held book signings the last three Saturdays at three different Costco stores in Houston. Sales have been varied but the time spent on my feet and trying to engage prospective readers was worth it.

I was amazed at the number of customers that spoke little English; Muslims, Orientals and Asians seemed to outnumber English speakers in the three stores, even though the stores were in afluent areas. Unfortunately that affects sales.

A few prospective readers asked about e-books. Many shoppers said that they didn't like to read. Hopefully that was just an excuse to hurry on with shopping.
I enjoy engaging in conversations with people but I am not the sales man my father was.

We writers are aware that promotion and sales of our books are our responsibility, not the publisher's. That said, I wish to thank Publication Consultants for arranging these signings.

This Friday I will be signing at the Pregnancy Resource Center East's spring Crafts Fair in Baytown.

Saturday I will be signing at Art in the Park in Orange. Come on by and buy!!

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