Monday, March 14, 2011

Proud Grandma

My grandson, Devin, graduated from the Air Force Technical Training
School at Goodfellow Air force Base in San Angelo last week.
This proud grandma drove from Beaumont to attend.
Before the graduation we visited San Angelo State Park where Devin and I enjoyed a hike. He is an avid photographer as well as computer geek.

Devin received an award for Academic Excellence. He was chosen Senior Chaplin's assistant, and received an award for outstanding performance
in his field of Geospatial Intelligence Analyst. He is being deployed to South Korea where he will be working with the unmanned Preditor surveillance aircraft.

Graduation exercises took place in a large auditorium with very low lighting. Few lights were on the stage and it was extremely dark, therefore these pictures had to be enhanced and are grainy. Devin is the second in line in the photo below.

It doesn't seem possible that my grandson is so grown up!

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