Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another "A". ART

 Art is human creative skills that develop in civilizations after the basic need of food, clothing and shelter have been met. Primitive cultures have body art, art on clothing and walls, and jewelry. Infants today are introduced to color, shapes and textures, and are rapidly exposed to public art in the form of posters on the walls in the mall, TV and of course picture books. Do you stop to look at the art work around you?

Drawing a basic form of art used for sketching ideas as well as completed expression. Above is a colored pencil drawing by Doug Lindstrand that I discovered in a small café along the Tok Highway in Alaska. I see expression of the old prospector's character and even the dog's. What do you see?

This oil painting of the interior of an old barn is one that I painted many years ago on site. Realistic paintings as well as abstracts intrigue us. The question arises, "Do you like it? Why or why not?"

Sculpture is three-dimensional art. I have never done very much sculpture. This guy is from my teaching days. I was so blessed to teach art in schools where I had access to a large variety of materials. What other materials could you use beside clay to create sculpture?

Drawing, painting and sculpture are certainly not the only examples of fine art. Many artists express themselves in mixed media using two or many more materials. Crafters may embellish their creations with painted designs or develop a craft form as fine art.

Challenge: Try your hand with an art medium that is unfamiliar to you.
Visit an art museum or studio or children's art festival looking for an "Ah ha, that's what I like" moment. Why do you like it? Be specific.

Response from architecture can be summed up by paraphrasing several commenters who said they discovered "Mc Mansions" that didn't appear to be occupied although the yards had been tended. You wondered who had lived there and why these beautiful homes were vacant.

Websites:  I will list websites as we explore drawing, painting and sculpture in more depth.

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