Sunday, September 29, 2013

"B" Books

 BOOKS. No matter whether  paperback or traditional hardcover or e-readers, books and reading are experiencing a revival. I love the feel of smooth papers, the smell of ink and the heft of a physical book. My own library has taken over shelves in several rooms in my house and overflows into the bathroom and on the floor by my bed. And this is after I've culled and donated non-keepers.

You may prefer e-readers for the ease of carrying thousands of free titles. I delight dropping into the library to peruse the new titles. I may be attracted to a catchy title, drawn to the author or enchanted by the cover design. Who else has enjoyed this book? Who slipped it into her/his book bag, stayed up late to discover the villain or cried over the lost love?
 I don't feel connected to other readers of e-readers.
My reading partner of 14 years insists on adding his two cents worth. He's saying that it's time for me to give him some attention.
 Books stir memories of reading with a flashlight under the covers, sitting on Mom's lap or in a tree with a favorite book.
Periodically I buy used books for reference from thrift stores or library sales. So many gently "loved-up" tomes are being abandoned that I've become interested in creative uses for discarded books.

I used book binding techniques to repurpose covers for journals. The two on the left are covered with pressed leaves. One is covered with a map. and the other is bound with handmade paper that includes bits of marigolds. some of the photos, illustrations and text from the original books, I used in scrapbooking. How do you dispose of used books?
This travel journal was created by covering a three ring binder with a collage of fabric and then embellishing it with beadwork. The Internet has many sites for repurposing books into birdhouses, tote bags, planters, shelves, lamp bases and much more.
Challenge: Interview the owners of a mom-and-pop book store or a resale book shop. What are you predictions for large chain book stores with e-readers be coming so popular?
Crafters, use an old book or parts of a book in your craft or text as a theme.
Beaders commented that workspace and storage were a problem and that a magnifying system and good lighting were essential. They also related on the fun of taking apart old junk jewelry to  remake into contemporary pieces.

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