Saturday, September 21, 2013

"B" Beading

Beads and Beading
 Decorative hollowed-out objects have been strung together for at least 5,000 years. Most cultures have used beads made from shell, wood or soft stone for adornment, as good luck talismans, or for religious purposes.

The necklace on the right was created by stringing small turquoise, coral and silver beads on soft silver wire. I crocheted the wire picking up a bead between each stitch. Three crocheted stands were then plaited together. The other necklace used the same technique with jet stones and silver beads.

The availability of a vast variety of beads and beading books for jewelery making abound in crafts stores. You will be tempted to create complex designs. Why not recycle old jewelry by restringing it?

 Applique beading is tedious and requires good eyesight, patience and a magnifying glass. The flower design and the solid white background of this Native Alaskan dance dress was created with seed beads each sewn individually on the yoke of the elk skin dress.
Another form of beading uses a loom and is familiar as beaded belts and hat bands seen in Southwest native bead work.
Would you have the patience to attempt applique beading?

I embellished this loon wall hanging with seed and bugle beads to enhance the cut out silhouette design. It took a blue ribbon in the Alaskan State Fair.

You can enhance many crafts projects with beading, create distinctive jewelry, and even create your own beads. 

Challenge: Make beads from rolled paper. Cut paper into long tapering triangles. Roll the strip, starting at the wide end of the triangle, around a toothpick. Apply a thin layer of glue to the remaining paper and continue to roll the strip of paper into a cylinder. Remove the toothpick. String the beads.
You could cut large beads from seeds, nuts or twig. Drill holes for stringing.

Writers. Does your character have a favorite necklace, ring, or bracelet? Why?


Comments on baskets included many who collect unusual baskets and use them in their homes.
No one reported seeing my mystery basket.

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  1. Wow, Carol! Looks like you can do everything from beading to writing to ... what next? I love your jewelry!