Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fifth and Sixth grade camp

As we prepared for a new session of camp, the rains stopped and we observed a beautiful double rainbow over the old chapel (now cabins). The upper rainbow is hidden by the storm clouds. Saturday the temp reached 83. A new high for this summer. It felt as hot as Texas!
Fairbanks, 100 miles north of us, recorded over 3 inches of rain for June totaling over 4 inches of rain for the year. We were so glad to see the sun and rainbow. We have had little rain since the beginning of July. The campers are very happy to play water games rather than play in the rain.

This past week at camp we had two girls who celebrated birthdays with special birthday cupcakes.

On our last trip to Fairbanks to buy groceries, (100 miles, two hour drive each way) we picked up 5 folding picnic tables that are supposed to be kid resistant. I wonder if the squirrels with eat them as they have with the covers of the dumpster. No bears or moose visitors this week.

 Each session older teens work as Mission Force (counselors -in -training) who help with chores while they learn the responsibilities of counselors and continue their Christian training. This young lady is very proud of the 4th of July cake she decorated with strawberries and blueberries.
 Try making pizza for a crowd! Here we are trying to shift the dough for square pan pizza into the baking tray without making too many holes.
Crafts are enjoyed by all. Each session has crafts geared to the age and interest of the campers. These boys are using crayons on sandpaper to transfer designs to T-shirts. 
The bubble formula continues to fascinate the campers with their colors.

These girls are carving the bark from diamond willow. The thin tree trunks are covered with a dull gray rough bark that reveals a shiny white inner layer with red "diamonds". I will explain more later.

Counselors and campers share one-on-one time. Notice the mud on the campers shorts. She's been having a great time. I am in the kitchen during Bible study, chapel and Missions so have been unable to take pictures during those scheduled times. Perhaps next week I can sneak off.

We are training our Mission Force right. Do they look like they enjoy washing pots and pans?

Last Saturday in Fairbanks for our shopping we pulled behind this young lady on a motorcycle. Look closely at the license plate. It reads "Mooze" A large stuffed moose wearing a bandana and leather jacked is facing you. See his bulbous nose?
Until next week. Continue to pray for the campers and their families.

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