Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Middle School Camp is still Damp.

Rains continue and the rivers are still full but camp goes on with a strange visitor to our dining hall.
The tall stranger with the head of a camel and the body of two stacked up campers, came to lunch wrapped in a blanket. Boys will be boys.

Two girl campers share a cabin porch for solo Bible study time behind a clothes line of drying tie-died T-shirts.

A favorite activity is "the cage". A counselor is chosen to be the focus of water balloon toss. This day in spite of the sun, the temp was in the 60s. You can see her to the left of the cage with the splash of a burst water balloon. Towels awaited.

Archery is another favorite activity.

 The water slide and "pool" was finally finished and enjoyed by all. The line up of shivering swimmers wait in the shade
The young man sitting on the side of the tarp wrapped pool is holding a wand with a GoPro digital video camera attached. He has taken fish eye pictures of camp, even some underwater. He promises me a DVD of the video at the end of the camp season.

Maybe hard to read but my thermometer was tossed into the deepest part of the pool and registered 51 degrees. The air temp was 62. During Sunday church, Pastor Dave recommended that the congregation get in all their summer activities quickly because fall was arriving soon.
I'm thinking of all you Texans sweltering in the heat and humidity.
The library wifi system has been experiencing difficulties, so this blog is short.

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